Airstar™ Lite Airline BA

The Airstar™ airline breathing apparatus is designed to provide respiratory protection to users in toxic or oxygen depleted environments. 

It consists of a mask and pneumatics assembly which are fed by a compressed breathing air line. Offering unique versatility of wearing styles for different working environments, the Airstar™ is supplied in either a Lite or Pro version.

The Lite consists of a belt which the cylinder and apparatus are mounted on. Air is supplied to the Tempest lung governed demand valve, attached to the full face mask or helmet. An emergency escape cylinder is provided, which is connected into the compressed air supply. Should this fail, then the cylinder provides 10 minutes of air with which to escape.

A switchover valve is contained on the apparatus, which will allow the air to be fed from the escape cylinder, if the main air supply fails a whistle activates when the air is fed from the escape cylinder.

The equipment is tested and certified to EN14593-1:2005, EN136:1998 CL2 and EN402:2003, EN361:2002.

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