Airtrack Life Support Electronics Monitoring System

The Airtrack life support electronics monitoring system is a unique, patented system for enhancing safety in high risk atmospheres at work where life support systems are used. 

The system is split into 3 modules, Entrant Air supply monitoring, and compressed air supply monitoring and vessel gas monitoring. The combination of the 3 modules provides an easy visual display of the status of work as it proceeds, warnings and alarms for failures which the control panel operator can act upon. The system allows a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing life support work – with extra information on the entrants, the control panel operator is able to monitor their condition easily and respond accordingly. Data visibility is one of the key advantages to the Airtrack system - the data is all logged so a particular job can be revisited at a later date for example in the event of an incident. As the software system is web based the data can also be viewed in real time anywhere globally with a web connection. Hazardous breathing apparatus working has never seen this level of control before – giving enhanced visibility, control and ultimately safety!


Module 1. Entrant Air Supply Monitoring

The sensing hardware is fitted to the Airmaster 2 control panel and it provides constant monitoring of the entrants’ breathing rates. The remaining time left in respective air supplies can be seen by the entrant on their monitoring unit giving them personal confidence they have sufficient air supplies.

Module 2. Air Quality Monitoring(web13)

Fitted either to a charging compressor or the cylinder air supplying the Airmaster 2 control panel, this will monitor for likely contaminants to compressed air, including Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oil and water (dewpoint). The system will monitor for EN12021 or D Grade breathing air quality with alarms operating, should the threshold values be reached.

Module 3. Gas Detection

This module will monitor potentially harmful gases and feed this information back to the main Airtrack system. Normal gases which will be monitored will be Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Flammables and Hydrogen Sulphide, but additional more rare gases can also be detected where required.

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