Luno Hornet Helmet and Pneumatics

Designed for high risk working in irrespirable atmospheres typically inerted with nitrogen, the Hornet helmet is a revolutionary design of helmet offering integrated respiratory and head protection.

Meeting rigorous safety demands such as locking on to the head, the helmet also embraces what other similar equipment has not done in the past in providing surpassing levels of comfort and ergonomics. The key driver in the development of this helmet was to meet existing safety requirements but additionally address enhancing the comfort and usability for wearers in the most challenging and potentially life threatening environments. Supplied with airline manifold and escape cylinder assembly and belt.


The Entro harness used with the system is also unique in its design for reactor entry and work in suspension for tall vessels.

Key features:

  • Lock on design preventing user from removing in IDLH atmospheres
  • Single piece structure for increased strength and safety 
  • Approved to EN14593.1, 402 and 136 for airline breathing apparatus.
  • 3 air supplies – dual demand fed and one EEL constant flow.
  • Inflatable bladder for internal comfort.
  • Simple, robust analogue communications, can be integrated with existing systems
  • Very comfortable soft silicone face mask available in 3 different sizes.
  • Available with lightweight carbon cylinder and interchangeable mounting system for versatile mounting of cylinder and air supply manifolds
  • Compatible with the Luno Systems range of airline breathing equipment
  • Combined with Entro Harness , provides ergonomic vessel entrant protection


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