Pureair High Pressure Breathing Air Trailers

The advantage of an air trailer is that it can be used in areas where breathing air compressors are unsuitable due to explosion risk or where environmental quality of the air is likely to be poor.

Constructed to conform with standards EN139/14594 for airline breathing apparatus, high pressure cylinder banks provide a guaranteed breathable air source which is reduced down and distributed to a control panel for either 4 or 8 users.

The trailer comes in several sizes according to different requirements for duration and the number or users. As standard, all units come configured for 4 users and are supplied with 4 breathing apparatus sets and hoses.

All trailers have a main air supply and an emergency air supply - when the main air supply fails the emergency air automatically cuts in, maintaining air to the users, at the same time as an audible alarm activates to ensure users exit the work zone to a safe area. It comes with a unique control panel, which can be removed from the trailer and positioned remotely to just outside the work zone to provide means of entry control for the users.

The Pure-air range of breathing air trailers are suited to a variety of industries such as petrochemical, nuclear, and pharmaceutical, where breathable air is required for long duration working in hazardous atmospheres.

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