The Synchrosuit™

The Synchrosuit™ is a chemical protective suit designed for high risk working with airline breathing apparatus in contaminated environments. 

Designed for demanding applications such as hydrocarbon and chemical tank cleaning, the Synchrosuit™ provides the solution to age old problems associated with this kind of work. The suit features a pass through connection for up to 14- 20mm breathing air hose, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the suit. This enables compatible airline breathing apparatus such as the Luno Airstar™ to be contained within the suit and protected from contamination. There is enough space within the suit for leg mounted escape cylinders also and a rip away strip enables emergency access to the escape cylinder.

Suit construction is multi layer composite barrier film/EVOH barrier film and spunbond polypropylene, with stitched and PE taped seams. Orange suit colour gives good visibility in low light environments, reinforced knee patches, heavy duty double zip with tape, and elasticated wrist and ankle make the suit perfect for heavily contaminated industrial environments, providing Type 3,4,5 and 6 Protection.

Additional coupling covers are available to protect the integrity of couplings from dirt ingress, whilst still enabling detaching the user from the airline if needed.

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